Air Ride ~ Air Bags

Here at Domex customs we believe in providing our customers with only the finest of air ride systems as well as the proper and correct methods of installation. All our installers have over seven years of experience with air ride installation and product knowledge.

What is air ride or air bags ?

Air ride is the replacement of your factory strut and spring suspension with an air bag and strut to mimic your factory spring setup allowing you to alter the ride height as well as rebound stiffness, with a simple push of a button in the comfort of your driver seat. Air bags are made of a plastic interior that retain air and is enclosed by tough rubber exterior to prevent puncture and to extend air bag life.

Why Should You Use Air Ride ?

We have had multiple reasons on why our customers choose air ride. The most popular reason being if you have altered  your factory wheel size you may have experienced rubbing on your wheel well or fender, with air ride you can simply push a button to fill the air bag and get to a comfortable height and air pressure to maintain the best daily ride quality to your specific modifications. Depending on the wheel choice you've gone with smaller or bigger from OEM wheel size you can set your car to a desired height when parked, for instance if you have changed to a smaller wheel you can (air out) release all the air in the air bag to lower your car on its chassis to close that wheel gap between the fender and tire whether it be for a car show, car meet or just simply parked.

There are many different setups to choose from that is set up to your personal preference and budget. How big of an air tank as well as how many? How many air compressors running to your air tank? How would you like your trunk to be laid out to still have storage capabilities or just be aesthetically pleasing? All these questions will effect the speed in how fast you fill up an air tank or tanks, how many times you may air up and air out before needing the compressors to fill the tank, choosing to retain storage space in your trunk or if you would like to eliminate all storage with a custom set up.

What Is Your Preferred Company in Air Ride Systems ?

"Air Lift" is our preferred company, with over 70 years of experience in air bag technology they can provide the best and reliable air bag to your specific vehicle and build type.