Alarms & Security

Here at Domex customs we aim for excellence to give you the best alarm/security systems and installation for your vehicle. When you choose Domex customs we guarantee you are getting the best in installation and knowledge. Our security techs have over 7 years of experience in vehicle alarm and security.

What is an aftermarket security system ?

Aftermarket security systems are either one or a series of modules that adds extra functions and alerts to your standard oem alarm system. Every alarm is unique to customers preference and work in sync with your oem alarm. The alarm module is connected to your factory wire harness under your dashboard, kick panel and on customer request can be hiding else where, giving you many functions from lock and unlock, killing the starter and alarming you when a door has been opened, etc.

Why should you choose aftermarket alarm systems over OEM ?

Extra protection for your investment from standard cars to show cars as well as many extra functions that your OEM alarm in most vehicles can not do. When you choose an aftermarket alarm you have got many choices from basic alarms, two way alarms, two way remote start alarms. Starting with a basic alarm this is for vehicles that in most cases did not come with any alarm functions or keyless entry no matter how old or new a car is. You can add keyless entry to any vehicle with automatic or manual oem locks as well as your basic alarm functions. Door triggers if alarm is armed and any door is open it will sound the siren as well as cut power to your starter eliminating chance of your car. There is also a shock sensor in every module that picks up vibrations from someone banging on vehicle or smashing of a window. Parking light flashes letting you know alarm is armed, unarmed, or when alarm is triggered. There are a few other choices like hood trigger and opening trunk with push of the aux button. With a two way alarm it serves all the functions and extras as a basic alarm but two way alarms come with a screened remote that shows each alert you are receiving from a shock sensor, door/hood is open and if a thief attempted to start your vehicle. With any alarm you can hook up other modules that can roll your windows up or down as well as opening a door for you. Two way remote starts have all the functions as any other two way alarm but with the added feature of remote start meaning you can start your car, suv or truck with a push of a button outside of the vehicle. For select newer vehicles you may also add the remote start function to your factory remote.

What brands do you prefer for alarm / security systems ?

We believe in supplying our customers with the top names in security systems from Viper, Compustar, Avitol and many Directed alarm companies that have twenty plus years in aftermarket alarm technology all categorized in customers preference and budget.