Car Audio

Quality is the motive for us at Domex customs and quality is the type of sound and setup our customers will get with us. We use only the top names in car audio to give the customer the best sounding quality to your budget. Like our alarm technicians our audio and sound techs have seven plus years of experience.

What is aftermarket car audio & sound ?

It is the removal of the vehicles factory speakers, radio, and/or amplifier and replacing them with aftermarket components whether it be for sound quality, Bluetooth connection for music or phone calls. All aftermarket components are connected to factory wire harness and depending on customer can be connected to original steering wheel controls.

Why should you choose aftermarket car audio & sound ?

Like many customers one of the common reasons behind factory radio replacements is for cell phone connection for music or phone calls through Bluetooth, USB or auxiliary. There are different types of radios to choose from you can do a classic single din CD and auxiliary stereo or double din which is a LCD touch screen display for CD and/or DVD, USB connections for cell phone or USB device. In most cases many customers would like improve their sound quality to obtain the best sound at maximum volume. With the replacement of radio and speakers or adding speakers it gives the option to tune the sound of your speakers from ranges of low, mid and high. Customers can also choose to ad a subwoofer and amplifier, a subwoofer is a loudspeaker that reproduces low pitch audio also known as bass. Every subwoofer is powered by an amplifier of a certain wattage and ohms for the size and amount of subwoofer(s) placed in a Vehicle. Other reasons for upgrading factory audio/sound is the choice to put tvs in show cars or even in family vehicles to entertain children for long drives or road trips. In most cases an aftermarket radio can also be connected to a vehicles computer to display different gauges from oil temp, voltage, water temp and speedometer.

What Brands Do You Carry ?

Here at Domex we only use the top names in car audio and sound that are proven to last and perform and trusted in aftermarket audio. Select brands we carry are Sony, Kenwood, Pioneer, Orion, Rocksford Fosgate, Pac Audio, and American International to give the customer the best look and sound.