Lighting & Accessories

Customization of vehicles from auto accessories or lighting there is lots of different products available in the market that can be confusing on where to start or continue with your vehicle. Many customers have no clue where to start or stuck on different products to choose from. We here at Domex customs we are the experts in automotive customization with over ten years of knowledge, experience in the field. Our promise is to help customers get the best service in any type of build or starting a build.

What is Lighting & Accessories ?

Auto Lighting and accessories is the customization or upgrading of factory lights, exterior and interior. Most modifications to lights require the removal of factory halogen light bulbs even replacing headlight housings or customizing original head light housings. With most auto accessories it is the removal of factory parts or adding accessories.

Why choose aftermarket lights & auto accessories ?

Customers who are looking to build a show car, upgrade night time visibility or simply just to modify a vehicle, it all has to do with the question of what the customer is looking for. With Interior/exterior lights it for two reasons for better visibility or to stand out at shows or on the highway. There are multiple modifications that can be made to lights, adding halo lights that work with a remote or phone, headlight bulbs to hid or led to get better night time visibility, adding colors to a light bulb for a specific theme on a vehicle. Auto accessories allow a vehicle to enhance the performance or aesthetic, for speed, car shows and to simply stand out on the road. With over hundreds of brands for performance or styling, Domex customs offers a variety of aftermarket products and customization for interior and exterior from track events to car shows.

What Products Do You Offer ?

Here at Domex customs we carry all of the popular names in auto accessories from A to Z. We are distributors for most if not all companies that offer products for any make or model.