Paint & Body

If a customer is in need of bodywork and/or paint we promise that the customer is getting the best of body work and the best products that are available on the market. All of our Domex body and paint technicians have over ten years of experience and knowledge behind automotive body and paint.

What Is Body Work & Paint ?

Auto body is the repair or replacement of damage anywhere on the vehicle body and chassis from dents to frame damage, depending on the extent of the damage. Auto paint is done after damage has been repaired or even if factory paint is beginning to fade or chip.

Why Choose Auto Body & Paint ?

The common reason for auto body is when a vehicle has been involved in a collision or customers would like to customize the vehicle with unique paint or body customization. When a car, SUV, or truck have been involved in a collision from minor to major it should not be overlooked it is possible that a vehicle chassis can be damaged even if the exterior has minor scratches or damage. Removing exterior body panels and inspecting the frame is a recommended method here at Domex, in some cases the damage to a vehicles chassis can even room vehicle alignment causing many other underlying problems from uneven tire wear that result to tire thread wearing much faster that usual. Factory wheels that have been damaged can even cause a vehicle unable to hold tire pressure resulting in flat tires that can leave the automobile stranded and unsafe. Customizing the body or paint is a popular choice as well for example removing door handles and leaving a smooth door, removing factory antennas to obtain a smooth exterior. Custom Paint leaves a customer with the choice of changing factory paint to a standard color or to metallic paint jobs or even color changing paint for a standard daily vehicle or show car.

What Materials Do We Use ?

When a vehicle is in need of auto body and paint here at Domex we only use the best products available on the market to maintain a long lasting paint job or to obtain a clean sharp looking paint job. When doing auto body we use the best methods to keep any underlying problems from bleeding through the paint job.