Here at Domex Customs we believe in providing our customers with only the finest of suspension components  as well as the proper and correct methods of installation. Our mechanics have over seven years of experience with automotive suspension knowledge.

What is automotive Suspension ?

Suspensions job for a vehicle is to maximize the friction between the tires and the road to provide steering stability, good handling, and depending on your build for comfort or for road racing.

Why Should You Alter Your Suspension ?

Any automobile from the factory is designed with one thing in mind that is comfort. Like many people some of us can not just drive a stock car we have to add some character to a vehicle to fit our personality for some the most popular modifications are lowering, Lifting and wheels. One of the most over looked problems when altering height or wheels is geometry. When a car is lowered or lifted it messes with the geometry leading to many different problems. Here at Domex we can alter your vehicles suspension and while providing you with the best setup for comfort and proper geometry and proper readings on your speedometer when wheel sizes are changed. With Domex customs you get all the services that go above and beyond your average custom shop. We offer proper suspension modifications to best fit any build from import to muscle.

What Brands Do You Carry ?

Like all of Domex customs products, we use only the best names to offer the customer with the most reliable and trusted names in aftermarket automotive suspension.