Vinyl Wrap

Domex customs promises only the best installation and methods behind all our vinyl wraps with Domex we guarantee that your wrap will look flawless. Domex wrap installers have over 3 years experience in automotive wrap installation.

What Is Vinyl Wrap ?

Vinyl wrapping is the process of transforming the color and look of a vehicle, by applying large sheets of vinyl film to each individual body panel on a vehicle. Vinyl wrap is applied by only specialized installers.

Why should you vinyl wrap your vehicle ?

Vinyl wrap is not intended to hide any imperfections on your vehicles body as a matter of fact it will make imperfections worse upon removal or show dents. All vinyl wrap should be added to only clean and painted body panels. With vinyl wrap the customer is given an array of colors to choose from even custom colors that might cost a lot more if you where to paint. There are diff techniques that are used when applying vinyl wrap depending on the package the customer chooses the removal of door handles, trim, stickers, emblems, etc. giving the Vehicle the best look and even looking better than paint in most cases. We offer vinyl wrap individual body panels such as hood, roof, and trunk with designs as well.

What Vinyl Wrap Do You Use ?

The vinyl wrap companies we use are Avery Dennison and 3M. We put our trust into  Avery and 3M to give the customer the most reliable wrap with the life of seven years and up to keep the vehicle looking freshly wrapped and allowing for easy removal even way after its intended use.