Window Tint

Domex Customs has only the highest of standards when dealing with automotive tint we believe that all tints should be executed with the finest of material and and installation to give your vehicle the longest lasting tint and cleanliness. Our tint specialist have done hundreds of vehicles and have ten plus years of experience.

What Is Window Tint ?

Window tinting is the process of applying a transparent sheet of film in side the vehicle windows leaving windows looking a darker shade depending on the percentage. Window tint shades are measured by percentages the lower the percentage the darker the tint the higher the percentage the more transparent.

Why Should You Tint Your windows ?

There are a few reasons why a customer choices to tint their vehicles windows the main reason being to protect the driver and passengers from harmful radiation and heat from the sun. Some of the other reasons is to protect car interior from the sun that causes fading of color on car interiors. Most customers prefer tint for privacy and simply because it looks cool. While in some states some shades of tint are illegal we advise the best percentage of tint to meet road regulations for customer safety. Why we stand out from the competition is we promise to give the best possible method of installation leaving a clean and window tint looking proper. Just like every product we use for any customization we use the best names in Window film those are Llumar and ASWF window film with the longest life in window film.

What Window Films Do We Use ?

We always use only the best of the best window tinting films from LLumar and ASWF. The right film will last you for years to come and won't turn color like the film all the other shops charging you $99 for the whole car use. Invest in high quality window tint, if not it'll cost you more in the long run.